Our History

Helping under-privileged and homeless overcome poverty through low-cost transitional housing and self-reliance programs.

Mission Statement
Our History & Success

We have been providing low-cost transitional housing since 2002 when we purchased our first rooming house in Kearns, Utah.


​We immediatley found a large community of individuals that had very few options for housing because of limited financial resources or questionable backgrounds  which prevented them from entering traditional apartment or other housing options.

In 2005 we began providing transitional housing that required no deposit or background checks by obtaining a license to operate under Utah Innkeeper Laws. These laws allowed us to establish rules giving immediate consequences to guests who break our rules and policies.

Four years later in 2009 we expanded to over 80 units when we were awarded the contract to manage the Rio Grande Hotel by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City. At this time we wrote a book on our philosophies on life and finance so that we could help our guests see a new and better way to prosper in life by participating in self-reliance classes and workshops.

We opened our Homeless Outreach Office in 2012 and began a focused approach to end homelessness. We provide housing with increased amenities for those who complete the steps of our program which provides stabilization.

The HomeInn Capitol located on State street in Salt Lake City was added to our properties in 2018. This facility has added another level to transitional housing by providing both single and couple rooms with private bathrooms.


"Ending Homelessness Truly Is A Tall Order"

In 2018 we added sober living and relapse prevention programs to our already successful self-reliance programs when we hired a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). 


In 2019 we were approved as a non-profit 501(c)3 Private Operating Foundation under the name A Tall Order, Inc. We have joined the non-profit community to do all we can to provide genuine low-cost housing and life-changing self-reliance training for our homeless friends.

We now house over 140 guests in our three facilities and over 90% of our guests move to better living arrangements when they leave our housing and in-house self-reliance programs.

We take pride in being self-reliant as a foundation and setting that example for our resident guests, and will never ask anyone for operating funds to run our organization. Our only fundraising goals are to expand our already successful system by adding more buildings that become immediately self-sustaining.


We appreciate the support of the community and our public sector partners in this life-changing effort because ....Ending Homelessness is Truly A Tall Order.

Brent & Naomi Willis


HomeInn Transitional Housing & 

A Tall Order Foundation