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A Tall Order Foundation and

HomeInn Transitional Housing

A 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to

providing low-cost housing and self-reliance programs to 

end homelessness in Utah.

Hours during Covid-19 pandemic may be adjusted. Visiting guests must wear masks and practice social distancing inside buildings at all times. 

A Partnership that is changing Lives...

HomeInn owns and maintains all facilities or leases.

A Tall Order Foundations manages all properties and oversees all life improving  workshops and programs.

Together, they provide high quality housing, programming, and jobs to help end homelessness in Utah.

You can be a part of filling

the Tall Order to End Homelessness!

All donations go directly to programs or towards our next transitional housing project in the design stages now.

Jefferson St Rendering 8.4.20.jpg
Help us Help our Friends...Truly A Tall Order.
What makes us unique is our philosophy of setting the example of "living within our means". Once we have obtained a building it immediately shows a positive cash flow because of the low rents that we charge our guests. We pride ourselves in never asking for operational funds, all we ever seek is donations to cover the initial costs of opening a building and helping our guests with the essentials they need to get back on their feet like bedding, clothes and toiletries.

Come join us in a proven success formula, that once and for all, gets our friends off the streets and back contributing to our communities.

© 2022 A Tall Order Foundation.

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